Terms of Service

The following Terms of Service explains the rights and obligations of both the consumer, hereafter referred to as You, and of Amz Appeal Experts, hereafter referred to as Us. This Terms of Service explains the nature of the contractual service, hereafter referred to as the Service, which is spelt out in the Service agreement, hereafter referred to as the Agreement.

It is Your responsibility to read and understand the Service Agreement. Questions about any part of the Agreement or the Service can be answered by contacting Us.

Details of Service

The Agreement will be in effect upon Your acceptance of these Terms of Service.

When the Service begins, You are appointing Us to implement the contracted Service. We agree to provide the Service specified by the terms of the Agreement.

Based on the information provided to Us by You, We will review Your situation, examine all communication between You and Amazon, and only use the information provided to Us by You.

Upon receiving Your information, We will implement the Service to the best of our ability based on the accuracy of the information provided to Us by You.

We will provide You with instructions on how to proceed. It is Your responsibility to follow all instructions provided to You by Us.

We commit to working with You throughout the time of Service until the Service has concluded.

Not Provided by the Service

The service provided by Us to You does not involve, nor can be assumed to be, legal advice.

We cannot be held responsible by You, or any other entity, for any legal action taken against You as a result of fraudulent or inaccurate information provided by You.

We are not responsible for issues arising during the time of Service due to information provided to Us that is not complete, true, or accurate.

Your Responsibility

It is expected that You will provide Us with all information needed to implement Our Service, including original documentation to confirm the details of the needed Service.

It is further expected that the information provided to Us by You is complete, true, and accurate.

Throughout the time of Service, it is expected that You will provide Us with reasonable cooperation and promptly respond to reasonable requests for additional information or assistance.

It is further expected that You will follow the stated policies and procedures.

Termination of the Agreement

You have the right to cancel the Agreement at any time. You can terminate the Agreement by informing us of your desire to terminate the Agreement via email to: info@thomsonstein.com

We have the right to terminate the Agreement at any time. You will be informed of a termination by us with a 14-day notice issued via email. We reserve the right to terminate the Agreement due to the following circumstances:

A breach of the terms of the Agreement by You.
If the information provided by You is incorrect or fraudulent.

Disputes, Concerns, and Complaints

The Agreement is subject to the laws of England and Wales. Disputes related to the Agreement will be handled by courts located in the United Kingdom.

Feedback from You regarding Our Service is appreciated and will be taken under consideration to improve Our Service. We will respond to all concerns and complaints as soon as possible.

Refund and Cancellation Policy

We offer a non-tangible Service which is refundable 60 days after the Service has been completed and you are unhappy with the actual service provided, and not the final outcome of the appeals process.

You are permitted to cancel the Service and request a refund during the interval between the ordering and purchase of the Service and the receiving of the Service or in the event of not receiving the service.

A request to cancel the Service must contain detailed and valid reasons for the requested refund, otherwise, the refund request will not be honoured.

All refund claims must be issued to Our Customer Service Department in writing within the 7-day time period from the order date.