Your Amazon Seller Account Suspended?

Amazon Appeal Experts will get you reinstated and back in business.

The Amazon Appeal Experts specialise in getting suspended seller accounts reinstated in as little as 48 hours. We provide each client a personalised professional service by looking at each individuals violations, suspensions and complaints against you.

We examine the information you provide and draft an individually tailored plan of action that is geared specifically to your needs. The mission of our team is to minimise all the hassle and stress that goes with the minefield of navigating the Amazon appeal process.

Our 3 Step Process

Step 1: Case Review

We carry out a detailed review of the information you have provided about your case and may request further information, if needed, to put together your appeal.

Step 2: Create Appeal

We draft and send you a custom Appeals letter that includes a plan of action specifically for your case and manage all your correspondence with Amazon.

Step 3: Account Reinstatement

We analyse the way you conduct your business and suggest ways to improve your business model long term, while we wait for Amazon to reinstate your account.

5 + Years Experience
427 + Clients Reinstated
99.8% Success Rate
  • We are a professional team that specialise in the Amazon suspended account appeals process and aim to get your account reinstated quickly.
  • One of the advantages of working with us is that our team consists of former Amazon staff who have intimate knowledge of the seller appeals process.

  • We have helped hundreds of Amazon Sellers like yourself reinstate their Amazon Suspended Accounts with a near 100% success rate.

  • There is only a one time payment with no extra charges for the small number of complex cases that require additional appeal letters.

Appeal Letters

Standard Delivery


48 Hrs Delivery

Appeal Letter & Plan of Action

Email Support – 24/7

EXPRESS Delivery


8 Hrs Delivery

Appeal Letter & Plan of Action

Email Support – 24/7


After a previous failed attempt trying to write an appeal letter to get my suspension lifted, my reinstatement thanks to the amz appeal experts made me realise its best to leave this sort of thing to the professionals.

Lisa R, San Jose, CA

Using the services of the appeal experts has been a lifesaver. My account has been reinstated, and i am a happy Amazon seller again”

Steve K, Houston, TX

I received help from the appeal experts not only on what information to send to Amazon but also suggestions to improve my online store and it didn’t take long before my account got reinstated and I was able to start earning an income online again.

Mark J, Toronto

100% worked for me! Account was reinstated in about 5 days. Thank you Amazon appeal experts.

Sam H, Melbourne, AU